User's Guide

Songyala User’s Guide

Step 1. Download “Songyala app” from “PlayStore” for Android users and “AppStore” for iOS users.

Step 2. Open “Songyala app” and click on “Sign Up.”
Fill in with your personal details. (Name, Email address, Phone Number, etc)
Create a password for yourself.
Click on the small box   below (I’m not a robot) and then click on “Sign up “.

                Step 3. You will receive “Verification Code “ in your email address.
Go to your email inbox (*** Please check ”Spam’ and ‘Junk‘ in your email If you can’t find your “Verification Code” in your inbox).
Copy the “Verification Code” from your email and paste it onto Songyala app and click “Submit “.

Step 4. Once you are “Signed In”, you will see the subscription packages. Choose one of the options and click “Subscribe Now”

Step 5. Now you will see the following payment options

a. “Bhutan Payment” (Online payment using bank accounts)
b. “Visa/Master Card” (International payment)
c. “Mobile App Payment” (Payment using MBob, MPay, EPay, TPay, DrukPay)
***Choose “Bhutan payment “ if you are in Bhutan.
*** Choose “Visa/MasterCard” OR “Mobile App Payment” if you are aboard OR if your mobile number is not updated with the Banks.

If you are doing “Bhutan payment”
Click “Bhutan Payment”
Choose your Bank
Type your account number.
Then click “Continue” .
You will now receive an OTP from your Bank in your text message.
 Copy the OTP number and paste it onto the given space.
Next click “Make payment” .
You will get a email notification of successful subscription.

If you are doing  “Visa/MasterCard Payment”
Click “Visa/MasterCard Payment”
Click  “Card”
Enter the details
Enter the security code number.
You will get email notification of successful subscription.

If you are doing “Mobile App Payment ”
Click “Mobile App Payment ”
Click “Show Account details” on the top just above your personal details.
Copy Songyala’s account number (202770038, BoB)
Make the payment using MBob, MPay, EPay, TPay or DrukPay
*** Do not forget to take a screenshot of the transaction.
Next, go back to Songyala App and enter other details
eg. Name of the Bank -(BOB, BNB, PNB, Tashi Bank or BDBL)
Mode of payment- (MBoB, MPay,EPAY, TPay or DrukPay)
Transaction Reference Number: The Transaction Reference Number  or Jrln. Number
File: *** Attached the screenshot of the transaction here.
Next click on the small box (I agree to the terms and conditions)
Lastly, click “submit” . In a minute you will get an email notification of successful subscription.

Our Phone number: 17810925/77461861
Whats app us 77461858
 email: or customer support at
Songyala User’s Guide