Payment Procedure

Payment Procedure for the app via web site.

Steps are as follows.

1. Type at your browser and click on sign in on top menu bar or go to the following url as follows .

2. Give the provided log in details as by user name and password  (example User name: / Pwd xxxx123) for web site you donot have to give any verification code.

3. Once you log in, you will be redirect to the dashboard where the subscription plan are provided please click any suitable subscription you like then accept the terms and condition and pay as per standard payment procedure by Bhutan Bank by following OTP.

4. Once the payment done you can watch the subscribed movies from the mobile app by using same user id and pwd at app , you donot need to pay from app or provide and extra amount or do any other procedure for it. Also you can watch same movies from the web account also.

5. For the S Cinema you have to do the same procedure go to the exact movie and pay for it and watch it , for mobile app you can watch the movie for 24 hrs only.

6. All trailer and free movies are hosted at you tube and you can watch them free of cost without subscribing or simply registering on the app or web site any time totally free.

7. We are not using any 3rd party payment link or procedure particularly for mobile app.