Are you waiting for a break? If you are, then we are here to provide the platform. In the next few days, Songyala is organizing a virtual Talent Show. You can showcase any talents like dancing, playing music, cooking, magic shows, various stunts, singing -anything which is appropriate.

Whether you are a yak herder in the snow-capped mountains in the north or a farmer in the south, you can take part in the show as long as you have some skills. Don’t let your low self-esteem hide your talents. No one is perfect. Let the people, the judges and viewers decide if you are good or not. There are no definite criteria, anyone irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity or sexual orientation can take part in it.

All you need to know is to use your smartphone or any video cameras to record your talents and submit them to us. (We will assist you on this). We assure you that the outcome will exceed your expectations.

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