About Us

Songyala is a video streaming service -an over-the-top (OTT) platform based in Bhutan. It is streaming Bhutanese movies, drama series and others. Not many contents right now. But the few that are already streaming are worth the money. Don’t believe it? Please check it out for yourself.
At the moment, Songyala has 2 beautiful short films, a hilarious comedy drama series and an old documentary about Gross National Happiness.

We are a team of creative, hardworking and enthusiastic story tellers. We believe in consistency and growth. Therefore, we are starting small and we are picky with our contents. We don’t intend to compete with anyone. We are here to offer a decent alternative of entertainment to all the Bhutanese both living within and abroad. We are also here to offer ourselves as a spring board for the aspiring actors, writers and other professionals of the entertainment industry. We have envisioned ourselves to becoming a leading entertainer in the country by providing creative, original and quality Bhutanese contents.

You can watch the contents anytime anywhere as long as you have a reliable Internet connection and ‘smart devices. You can watch songyala on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktops and TVs. (has to be a minimum of 4 GB RAM) and TVs.

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